august - october 2017

Through a series of community-based workshops, a community seafood meal, and a collaborative exhibition in Newfoundland, Walker and Ross-Smith came together to engage in dialogues about art, islandness and contemporary rurality in Shetland and in Newfoundland. Following several weeks of collaboration,  experimentation, and community engagement on the Bonavista Peninsula, an exhibition in St. John’s featured new and recent works by Walker and Ross-Smith involving alternative textiles, bronzes, fish skin preservation and project documentation.

_25 August, Keels_. Newfoundland cod with hand stitching. Vivian Ross-Smith.JPG

After leading a workshop on how to preserve fish skins, Vivian Ross-Smith responded to the workshop and space with this series of stitched fish skin pieces.

Keels, NL

SUPPER2 August 25 2017, 35mm film scan, Jane Walker.jpg

During the community supper at Susie’s Café, 35mm photograph scan by Jane Walker

Birchy Cove, NL